ModernMethod is the web publishing company behind Destructoid, Flixist, Tomopop, and Japanator.

What we do: We hire writers to create awesome, and take care of the technical stuff behind the scenes. We code all of our own software.

History: As a company, we've been around for around since 1999. Before we built our own web sites, we started out as a web design shop. We no longer do commissioned web design work, because our own sites took off. Check out the Destructoid wiki.

Readership: Our current owned web sites serve 4 million unique readers every month, have served over 300 million pageviews since 2006, and our top video show has received 70 million video views on Twitch in 2 years. We're very lucky.

Jobs: We have a full crew right now, but when we DO hire writers, it is almost always the top contributors within our communities.

Management ModernMethod is independently owned by Thomas Lackner and Yanier "Niero" Gonzalez, who first met at a high school programming class. Alexis Ohanian (Reddit co-founder) is on board of advisors. ModernMethod is happy running on our own steam, stubbornly wishes to remain independent, living the dream.

Contact Us: For advertising inquiries please contact GorillaNation. For general inquiries email us, as telephone calls are sucky. Tom lives in Miami, and Niero lives in California. Our address is 548 Market Street #59757, San Francisco CA 94104.