ModernMethod was founded by web developer Thomas Lackner and graphic designer Yanier Gonzalez. The two met in a computer programming class in high school and have since shared an appetite for making internet stuff since. Prior to ModernMethod, Tom and Yanier were directors at an interactive advertising agency that absorbed their start-up e-commerce web design consultancy in 2001. They used to build e-commerce web sites and ad campaigns for airlines and hotels. Today, they build Web sites and software that suit their own nerdy whims.

Our values


  2. Do what feels right, not what is conventional or sane.

  3. Don't be afraid to show people what makes you happy.

  4. Measure and adapt -- you can always do better. (and sleep when you're dead)

  5. Code or Editorial: write every day.

  6. Be genuine. Earn the Internet's trust and respect by doing and giving, not asking.

  7. Challenge decisions that give you less creative control.

  8. Assume nothing -- ask clear, pointed questions.

  9. Forget yourself. Do what's best for the team.

  10. Stay hungry or someone younger will eat you.

Management team

We don't really want to put any work in posting hip photos of ourselves, so you'll have to use your imagination.

Tlack is a Miami native, enjoys photography, and is an active contributor in open source software including SAJAX, his popular PHP/Ajax development toolkit. Thomas is a (peculiar) DJ, a menace to the community, and a consultant to various dot-com companies and holdings.

Yanier was born in Cuba, enjoys writing, graphic design, and video games. After high school he drew editorial cartoons for the Miami Herald and graduated from Barnes and Nobles's tech-yourself-computer-stuff book isle. Yanier helped write books about Dreamweaver for Wiley and won the Silver Knight and Ford Scholarship for art in 1997. He answers to his childhood nickname "Niero" and is usually the cheeky guy in the helmet promoting Destructoid, his robot baby.