April 2011 April Fools was a hit! Destructoid hits 5-year record high traffic when we faxed and drew all stories by hand, reaching 2.7 million uniques (March 2-April 1).
April 2011 Destructoid's preview headlines national ad campaign for EA's BattleField 3
March 2011 Destructoid named a top gaming destination in the Say 100 awards
March 2011 Destructoid turns five! Over 2.5 million monthly readers and 50,000 twitter followers across our projects
February 2011 Destructoid launches daily streaming web show on Justin.TV! Industry guests from the US and Japan attributed to over 20 million views.
January 2011 Mr. Destructoid is a playable character in The Blocks Cometh (iPhone) and ByteJacker on the (PC)
December 2010 Retro City Rampage to feature playable Mr. Destructoid hero (Xbox 360)
November 2010 Destructoid is a "level" in Super Meat Boy (Wii) and quoted on the cover of Deadly Premonition (UK, Xbox 360)
October 2010 Destructoid launches weekly video show in partnership with Revision 3
August 2010 ModernMethod announces - Our new movie community!
May 2010 Mr. Destructoid dominates the competition, appears in new Xbox Live game Raskulls
Mar 2010 Destructoid celebrates 4 years of living the dream at GDC 2010 with Astro Gaming
Feb 2010 The Miami Herald does a snazzy 2 page spread on Destructoid's West Coast Expansion
Jan 2010 Destructoid awards exclusive ad representation to Gorilla Nation Media
Dec 2009 ModernMethod is opens a west coast office in San Francisco
Nov 2009
MM founders address University of Miami business students at "Launchpad" event
Nov 2009
Destructoid is named in C|net's top 10 gaming sites alongside AOL and Gawker properties
Oct 2009 launches redesign
Aug 2009
Destructoid hosts Strange Moments in Video Games at Infinite Bits
Jul 2009 Destructoid.TV launches in partnership with Viddler and Justin.TV
May 2009
Destructoid is recognized as top Long Tail publisher by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Apr 2009 Destructoid partners with Intel and 8 OEMs to build Meetup+Play, a social gaming platform
Mar 2009 Modernmethod celebrates 3 years of independent publishing
Feb 2009
Destructoid joins Gamertag Radio to host Community Vibes IV, a music and gaming event in Miami
Jan 2009
Destructoid joins the lineup at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention this year in Dallas, Texas
Jan 2009
Down economy? Pfft! ModernMethod doubles staff, moves into new facility
Feb 2009
Destructoid partners with Viddler to provide video streaming solutions
Jan 2009
ModernMethod renews with Federated Media as's primary ad sales partner
Dec 2008 grows by 30%, now reaches 1,300,000 unique monthly readers
Sep 2008 partners with Intel to launch a 2-month long online gaming tournament series with $12,000 in cash and prizes provided by Cyberpower PC
Oct 2008
Destructoid partners with Goozex, hosts Florida International University's biggest game tournament ever
Oct 2008
Destructoid partners with Goozex, Gamertag Radio, SFX-360, AIGA, and Rey's Gameday to host Florida International University's biggest game tournament ever
Jun 2008
ModernMethod partners with Spike / MTV to provide advertising support for all of its properties: Destructoid, Japanator, and Tomopop
May 2008
ModernMethod awards exclusive ad representation for Japanator to Federated Media
Apr 2008
Destructoid wins two Webby Honorees for Best General Blog and Best Games-Related site
Apr 2008
Mar 2008
USPTO recognizes Destructoid as a trademark of Destructoid LLC
Mar 2008
Destructoid expands staff; celebrates two year anniversary
Feb 2008
Feb 2008
ModernMethod rolls out beta streaming video player solution
Feb 2008
ModernMethod abandons the web design/consulting industry to become an online publishing company
Jan 2008
Tomopop Beta launches
Dec 2007
Destructoid breaks 1 million unique visitors and 50 million lifetime page views
Nov 2007
Japanator is featured on Attack of the Show
Oct 2007
Destructoid nominated in the Games Media Awards in London
Oct 2007
Destructoid staff invited to judge SpikeTV Awards in Las Vegas
Sep 2007
Sep 2007
Destructoid's RetroforceGO! Podcast featured on iTunes main podcast page, downloads triple
Jul 2007
Destructoid partners with tour operator Destination Japan; covers the Tokyo Game Show in Japan
Jun 2007
ModernMethod rolls out beta social network & community features for Elephant
May 2007
Nintendo showcases Destructoid in E3 press conference (Wii success)
May 2007
Destructoid appears on GameTrailer's Bonus Round E3 panel
May 2007
Destructoid named as a top gaming destination on MTV
Mar 2007
Destructoid and MiamiNights celebrate 1 year anniversary
Jan 2007
Destructoid LLC awards exclusive ad contract to IDG, partners with Hammersuit
Dec 2006
Destructoid wins Honoree Award in the 11th annual Webby Awards
Nov 2006
Japanator launches
Sep 2006

Destructoid is featured G4's Attack of the Show

Mar 2006 launches




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